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About Us

For the Morrison family, farming, viticulture and winemaking in the Walla Walla Valley is a four-generation tradition.  Established in 1918 by Billy Morrison, this family farm was left to Walter Morrison after his fathers passing in the 1930s. Taking over the family farm at the age of 18 along with two brothers and one sister, Walter began his carreer of “growing pretty much any row crop grown in the valley.”

Dean Morrison

Walter continued to work the land chosen by his father well into his 70s. The winemaking tradition continued into the next generation when Walter’s son Dean was brainstorming with his favorite cousin Gene Cluster.  As they contemplated retirement possibilities, viticulture at the Morrison farm became a favorite discussion. Gene, having spent time as a winemaker in Italy at a small estate in the 1970, saw great possibilities in Walla Walla Valley, especially with Syrah.


Inspired by his cousin’s advice, Dean—still a full-time railroader—lobbied his father on behalf of his dream. In 1994, Walter agreed to set aside the back corner of the family estate, a little 4-acre peice to let his son plant some wine grapes.  It was “about the only row crop I haven’t tried on this place”, so with Walter Morrison’s blessing, in 1994 it came to be.


Today, that little piece has grown to all 23 acres in grape production, providing beautiful fruit to some of the finest wineries in the Walla Walla Valley as well as the wines produced by Morrison Lane. And, true to the traditions established by Billy Morrison in 1918, the lifetime of hard work and dedication of Walter Morrison, and the inspiration of Dean Morrison and Gene Cluster, the whole Morrison family is very honored and proud to provide fruit and wine to all of our friends in the Walla Walla Valley and beyond.